PowerHouse Gears

Five Day Clinic

Our 5-day clinics give you insight that’s impossible to gain anywhere else. With five days of intense pro shop training and certification, you also receive…

• 300-plus page training manual
• 2 Columbia, Ebonite, Hammer, or Track High-Performance balls of your choice
• 10% discount on all Powerhouse pro shop Equipment and Supplies
• Tour of the Ebonite International ball manufacturing plant
• Website recognition
• FREE gifts from Ebonite International
• This class is an IBPSIA Accredited Hands-On Pro Shop Training Class

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Five Day Clinics Cover The Following:
• Ball Plugging
• Ball Refinishing
• Ball Weighing
• Fitting
• Ball Construction
• Ball Properties
• Bowler Applied Forces
• Ball Layout
• Ball Drilling
• Pro Shop Start-UP, Pricing, Daily Operations, and Strategies
• Ball Plugging

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Upcoming Classes

June 2012

September 8th - 12th

Hopkinsville, KY

December 8th – 12th

Hopkinsville, KY

September 14th-18th

Hopkinsville, KY

June 15th-19th

Hopkinsville, KY